Wearable Wednesdays: Apple Watch He Said/She Said

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Just yesterday J.D. Power released the results of a new survey, ranking the Apple Watch highest of all smartwatches in customer satisfaction. There's just one problem: another survey run by Quartz reports that nobody actually wants to buy one.

Could they both be right?

Here are the key findings from the J.D. Power 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report. Note that customer satisfaction is calculated on a scale of 1,000 possible points:

Apple (852) ranks highest in customer satisfaction with smartwatches and performs particularly well in comfort, styling/appearance and ease of use.

Samsung (842) ranks second, performing well in customer service, display size and phone features.

Overall customer satisfaction with smartwatches is 847.

And here's a summary of the findings by Quartz:

In early 2015, before the launch of the watch Quartz ran a survey asking iPhone owners if they planned to buy one. Only about 5% of owners thought it very likely they’d buy a watch in the next 12 months. A little over a year later, not too much has changed: Only about 8% of those surveyed this time said they owned an Apple Watch.

The outlook for the next year isn’t much better: Less than 5% of respondents surveyed that didn’t already own an Apple Watch said they were either extremely likely or very likely to purchase an Apple Watch if a new version is released this year.

The survey respondents, identified as a sample group of 534 US iPhone owners, singled out price as the biggest barrier to the purchase of an Apple Watch. Over 60% of them said that no new feature would justify the purchase of a new version at the launch price of the first.

For more details see the links directly below. What do you make of these survey results? Do you think they contradict each other, or not?

Sources: J.D. Power, Quartz via Tomi Ahonen