What Do You Think of FiOS?

The Verizon e-mails I'VE received, indicated that Port 25 was being blocked, and advised me to reassign my Outlook SMTP TO Port 587. Since then, my outgoing mail has proceeded on its journey(s), without incident:

Verizon FiOS said:

. . . If you use a non-Verizon account such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL to send your emails through a program like Outlook®, Thunderbird or MacMail, you will need to make a simple change to your 'Server Port Number' setting in your email account - change the 'Server Port 25' setting to 'Server Port 587' setting. . . .

Is Verizon telling you something different?

Yep, they have said that my smtpauth.earthlink.net port 587 is being blocked by earthlink, therefore they have no responsibility to fix my problem. I then stated that I was able to use my outgoing earthlink email on my iPad using my 3G connection.

Silence ........ was not golden in this case.

Other than this major problem, I have been satisfied with Verizon DSL and FIOS. This issue I am having is a deal breaker after 10 years of being a customer with little technical complaints and few billing complaints, they no longer deserve my business. They don't care.
Yeah, everyone I've talked to with FiOS complain about their customer service and support. They've also complained about the price increasing after their promotion, but I'm guessing it's similar to Comcast in which you can call back and lock in a better price.

Anyway, I don't think I'll ever be able to get FiOS as I've heard that they're not building out their network anymore, but rather finishing the markets that they started and not going to any new ones.

I've had FIOS for 5 years now, and slowly all of my neighbors who have switched from Comcast to FIOS are very happy with their service..... Customer service is great, and never had a billing issue yet...

Now, as to raising the price, they are correct. Once your promotional package expires, customers are switched to the rate plan that corresponds to the features that they have. However, like me, if you call in once you receive the letter notifying you of the change, you can get a much better deal...... I recently switched to the 25/25 triple play package, but wasn't happy with the internet speed, so when I called into FIOS customer care to find out why, the Rep. moved me to the 35/35 triple play bundle, with a $30 discount each month, and added the Movie package for free. Not a bad deal for $109.99...... I guess, like everything else, you just need to be proactive, to get what you need/want, at a price that is right for you. :)

My new FIOS speed, as tested this morning:

FiOS pwns.

I think FIOS is great, but water is better. If Verizon hadn't of cut the water main to my neighborhood, 108 houses would have water right now. I hate not being able to shower or wash my hands!