What MVNO can I put a US Cellular phone on?


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Jun 17, 2014
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Flip phone, Samsung J3 on Tello
I acquired a Samsung SM-J727R4 that was on USC. It gets rejected by Tmobile for not having VOLTE.

Is there a way to enable VOLTE or will it need to be flashed with a different operating system? Right now it's working fine on H2O, data and voice/text. May get a surprise when ATT kills 3G. Settings say LTE enabled.
Well, the T-Mobile variant of that phone actually has VoLTE settings for T-Mobile.

Thing is, for "cheap" android phones - other than a Pixel this is what you will generally run into as the carriers themselves remove the carrier packs.

Also, for T-Mobile.. just get a SIM and activate it with a "known good" imei.. it should work fine, and if you can manage to flash it with T-Mobile software - VoLTE will work fine.

Also, for AT&T.. when you make a call, what does it say next to the signal bars? if it's "H" or "3G" then it will for sure stop working on AT&T in a year.
Upper display just shows the cell signal bars, no 2G,3G or 4G symbols. Shows signal strength of -110dbm 31asu with an H2O/ATT SIM installed. Voice, text & data work fine, if OK after ATT change I'll know for sure.

XDA developers website might have a system image that could be loaded, I haven't tried to do that yet. I have an old S3 I can try first.

I'll find out for sure when Tello sends me the Tmobile SIM. Right now their website doesn't know what to do with a Tmo phone's IMEI.