Whats With the Mobile IM Application ?

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Jan 16, 2008
Hi all,
Has anyone else been experiancing problems to log in on the Mobile IM?

I've been using it for both Yahoo and AIM for some time but recently noticed an increase in the number of times I could not log in so want to know if it is just me or others experiance that as well?

Also, anyone knows when Verizon will be releasing new version for the Mobile IM? it seems so outdated with no new updates for very long time.
I can't wait till one of the IM service in that program change the protocol so that it breaks compatiblity with Mobile IM. Then all hell will break loose and VZW will have to do something about it. :evil:
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I have not noticed a problem with Mobile IM on my intensity other than the sometimes rather frequent "Network could not process your request" message that pops up when trying to send a IM or refresh the buddy list.
Well unfortunately, the rest of us are still using BREW devices. :silly: