Where on my Twitter home page are the people I follow?


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Nov 16, 2006
back on Tello after a long hiatus
I don't really know how to use my Twitter account but I follow a few people. I used to be able to see a list of those people I follow, and now all I have are icons along the lefthand side.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.37.22 PM.jpg

None of those icons allows me to see the people I'm following.
Click your picture which should be your Profile data. :cell:
Under your name, a little below it, you will see links for # Following # Followers.
Got to your profile and then click on the Following button on your profile page.
Don't click on your photo at the bottom of the icons you show in your screenshot--click on your photo at the top of the page where it says "What's happening?" Then select "Following." By the way, I think the best way to use Twitter is to click on the little star at the top of the page and switch to "Latest Tweets." They really, really want you to see "Top Tweets," but that's where your feed gets all sorts of shlock their AI wants you to see. Latest Tweets means you only see ones from your selected group you are following and in the order they were Tweeted. Calms down the feed and means you can curate your feed to only see what you want to. The minute someone starts Tweeting stuff I don't like I unfollow them or block them if really bad.