Which iPhones are still made ? Iphone 12 ? 13 ?


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Aug 1, 2008
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I see a lot of offers for a new iPhone if you sign up .

But often its an iPhone 12 or 13 ?

so are these still being produced or is someone going around and buying old stock and then offering them to companies in a batch ?

Or does Apple Inc. have a warehouse of unsold older phones and this is the way to get rid of them and a few $$$$
Even 11s are still being made, in India now

Each model is its own brand, with separate pricing level, market segment and status level as a Veblen good.

The poors and less developed populations who can't even consider a device costing over a grand USD, still get to contribute to Apple's worldwide market share
I'm still using my iPhone XR and haven't felt the need to upgrade yet. It's been a reliable companion, and I'm quite satisfied with its performance. Whenever I'm curious about the latest developments in the world of iPhones and MacBooks, I turn to reputable sources like the MacGasm website. It's been my go-to platform for staying updated on Apple's latest releases, software updates, and industry news.
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The oldest iPhone I can see on the official site looks to be the 13.. But then again, I'm in America and they're selling much older phones in 3rd world countries. They were selling the iPhone 6 officially in India up until December 2017. I still use a 3GS for basic apps and classic games, with my main phone being a landline so I won't be needing the iPhone 13! :lol:
Apple is also selling some iPhone 12's in the certified refurbished section.

Apple uses Just in Time inventory. They only produce the models sold new on the website in that geographical region. Wireless retailers maintain their own inventory allocations. They discount the unsold devices in their inventory. As for Apple store excess inventory, some will get recycled, others may get sold in bulk, and some used for warranty replacements.
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I get it with the unsold inventory. However I am also curious about refurbished iOS devices. They tend to sell quicker than a new one but the savings are minimal depending on what you buy.