For Sale: Wholesale Lot of Used Sonim XP7


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Jun 17, 2019
A&B Courier (me) just upgraded our fleet of mobile devices, and we have 150 SonimTech XP7 devices to sell as they are no longer needed.

Item: SonimTech XP7700 (xp7)
Price (and Currency): $150 CAD per unit or best offer for bulk purchase of all devices.
Condition: USED - All working devices, all buttons, speakers, mics work, and no cracked screens.
Accessories included: Sonim Brand AC Charging Adapter and Sonim Brand Charging Cable

Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Notes: Devices are unlocked, however they were originally provisioned on Bell Mobility. All devices have been tested and factory reset. All devices running Android OS 5.1.1 with latest FOTA/GOTA/MR from Sonim/Google/Bell

Please contact me via PM

-Eric Geiler
A&B Courier Service Ltd.
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bump . price reduction $100 CAD for 1 unit... additional discounts available for bulk buy.