Will A Bell Phone Work On PC Moblile?

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Aug 28, 2007
Bell Prepaid
I have a Huawei Ascend Y300 from Bell Mobility.
Will the phone work on PC Mobile?
PC prepaid, yes without unlocking, as it's on Bell and the SIM cards have Bell's MCC/MNC code.

PC postpaid, no, you'd have to unlock the phone, as it's on Telus and the SIM cards have Telus' MCC/MNC code.
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Virgin Mobile Canada phones will work, too. The Moto G from Virgin at $150 prepaid is one of the best deals to get a high-quality mid-range Android phone onto PC Mobilility (or any carrier) right now.
Koodo's Moto G was the best deal when they had the $100. Gift Card (thru dealer / retailer) and $0. on $150. Tab. But you need to unlock it to use it on PC Mobile / Bell (only a few dollars to buy an unlock code though). It should be otherwise the same Moto G as the Virgin one (except locked to diff providers).