Will T-Mobile sell the 9790?

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They might sell it but I could see why they wouldn't sell it, it's equivalent to the bold 9900 with the exception of a slower HSPA radio and a lower quality screen and a slower processor. If you want it though amazon has it on sale for $479.00 and then you could get the sim only value plan and save $20+ a month.
does anyone know if you can unlock it to use it for tmobile?

You can unlock and use it like any other BlackBerry but unless you get the AWS band version (from Canada or something), you will only get 2G service.
Little birdies say that it should appear next quarter. However, just like the white BlackBerry 9900 on T-Mobile (shown on marketing literature from November 2011), it may never materialize.

That said, it looks really really nice and it's just so thin if you haven't seen it in person. Battery life with OS 7.1 is also said to be very good.
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