X1 Box Return


HoFo Member
Feb 15, 2016
First of all I am sorry I did not update my thread from last year, I actually had the install go well for Xfinity Services and my husband and I are enjoying them. Fast forward, unfortunately the box we had was not able to access Disney Plus. Since my husband is technologically challenged and can't use multiple remotes to change to the Roku and so forth, Comcast sent us an upgraded 4K cable box.

So when I cancelled ATT, I was able to bring the boxes back to any UPS Store and they did the boxing and sent it back to them.

Does Comcast offer the same kind of return service for older boxes? We did get a prepaid label in the box so I assume that I could pack it myself and take it to the local UPS Store. but would like to return it without the packaging and have the store do it if possible.