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  • This is ridiculous, yes they are nerds hyperventilating over NOTHING.

    I know that this is a free forum but if I figure out what I needed because the 14 year olds are busy incessentally writing "Why?" and "What?" then they shouldn't get upset that not everyone is tolerable of their adolescent sensitivities, and as far as warning me NOT to name call, I haven't called anyone a name and personally what the **** are they going to do to me if I had? Ban Me? Please do this ******** forum is USELESS. Godamnm babies.
    Do not post questions or requests here!

    For mod issues file a report or send a PM.

    For general questions post in the appropriate forum.

    I will not respond to anything you post here, so don't waste your time!
    I am curious why you closed the thread I started on the Microcell device. I was interested in learning what to expect from a consensus of responses from other users.
    There is spammer posting the same spam link in multiple threads. I have reported more than one link he has posted to.
    what's up XFF, i need to input my AKEY into my droid, problem is i don't know where to find it. the phone was flash to metro pcs. any suggestion would be help.

    Dear moderator XFF, sorry to bother you for some time, I'm just confused about posting new thread,I can't do any about this, I just want to know,how can I post? Is there any limits? or should I wait for soemtime to give thread? recently, I just can browse aroud, feel down sometimes,I want to exchange thoughts and feelings.thank you for you time anyway. wish your words back .Best rgs.

    I am a rep of Magellan GPS. I wanted to start a new thread that would explain the features of our new 1.3 Roadmate App for your forum users. I have an "Official ask a Magellan Rep" thread. Would I post the features in there or would starting a new thread be better?


    Magellan Rep
    Please use the report button for mod requests!

    Do not post admin/mod issues here!
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